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Dr Emma Williams


I have previously taught at the undergraduate level in the area of online collectives and online behaviour, specifically focused on the dark net, social media and social action, and prosocial outcomes of online communities.

I am also keen to engage the public with my research, and have previously been involved in a number of public engagement activities, incuding:

- Science Showoff, University of Bath (2017).

- University of Bath Images of Research (2016).

- Know How: To avoid email fraudsters, fakes and scams. Public lecture at The Edge, University of Bath (2016).

- Invited Interviews on BBC Inside Out South (30th Oct 2016) and on ITV West (January 2018), BBC Points West (April 2016), BBC Radio Somerset, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Kent, Talk Radio, Heart Radio, and The Breeze regarding my research into the psychological techniques used in online and offline scams.