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Mrs Maxine Gillway


After graduating in  Spanish and French Interpreting and Translating, I started life as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in 1985 and spent 21 years teaching outside the UK in private language schools in Greece and Spain, and then at universities in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, where I first took on academic leadership roles. I returned to the UK in 2006 and after 2 years as Academic Manager for Gloucestershire College, I started work here at University of Bristol. Since my arrival, I have completed my PGCHE, become a senior fellow of the HEA and BALEAP, and set up the physics and chemistry variants of the International Foundation Programme. I spent one year coordinating the Learning, English, and Academic Developement options for current UOB students before moving to the position of Deputy Director of the Centre. In August 2014, I was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship in order to explore the possibilities of extending our Academic Language and Literacy provision to all students. My interests lie in the fields of the internationalisation of Higher Education, academic literacies, feedback, teacher beliefs, teacher development, and alternative assessment. I am currently studying for an EdD in International Education at the University of Bath. I am an assessor for both the individual and institutional BALEAP accreditation schemes. I held the role of Chair of BALEAP from 2016-2019.  I am also Director of CELFS from 2017-2021.


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IATEFL ESP SIG Pre-Conference Event on Quality Assurance, Liverpool, April 2019

  • Plenary: Do you see what I see?
  • Symposium: BALEAP perspective: Does the what and how match the why? PPPP…

Bilkent University International English Conference, Ankara, Turkey June 2018

  • Plenary: The Choice of Futures for EAP
  • Pre-Conference Event: Going Global: Perspectives on BALEAP

Berlin Brandenberg EAP Conference, University of Applied Sciences Wildau, June 2018

  • Keynote: Balancing language and content: impact and implications of feedback givers’ beliefs

EAP in Ireland EAP EAP curriculum training day facilitator, Trinity Dublin April 2018

  • The coherent Curriculum: putting principles into practice for a sustainable learning experience
  • Integrated sustainable assessment: a case study of assessment for learning

EATAW June 2017

  • Pedagogical beliefs: the stumbling block between policy and practice in feedback

Norwegian Forum for EAP, Oslo June 2017

  • How successful is CPD in aligning teacher position with institutional position regarding feedback?

Language Testing Forum, Reading 2016

  • The evolution of a pre-sessional task: in theory and in practice

BALEAP PIM Sheffield November 2015    

  • Teacher feedback process: does the process have an impact on the product?

BALEAP conference 2015

  • From isolation to integration: Academic Language and Literacy for all

St Andrew’s EAP conference February 2015

  • Academic Listening and Speaking: efficiency and effectiveness in assessment

IATEFL TEA SIG conference, Granada October 2014

  • Assessing the process: what is it worth?

European First Year Experience conference, Nottingham Trent June 2014

  • From language support for international students to the development of academic language and literacy for all students in transition

EULEAP conference, Berlin May 2014

  • The benefits of assessment rubrics for learners, teachers and markers.

BALEAP conference 2013

  • EAP best practices for the wider university. Teaching international students

BALEAP PIM Sheffield November 2011

  • EGAP with a twist of ESAP

BALEAP PIM Leicester June 2011

  • Developing criticality: international student research on the international student experience

BALEAP PIM Bristol February 2011

  • Motivating low level learners: the use of electronic discussion boards

InForm conference Reading July 2011

  • Internationalisation: to the classroom and beyond

IATEFL ESP SIG conference, Bilkent University, Turkey June 2010

  • The development of core EAP competencies through Problem Based Learning

IATEFL Harrogate 2010

  • English Grammar for Academic Purposes

IATEFL Cardiff 2009

  • Serious Fun with EAP