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Publication - Professor Stephen Hallett

    Predictive modelling of the automated fibre placement (AFP) processes

    perspectives and challenges


    Belnoue, JP, Wang, Y, Kratz, J, Ivanov, D & Hallett, SR, 2019, ‘Predictive modelling of the automated fibre placement (AFP) processes: perspectives and challenges’. in: Suong V Hoa (eds) Automated Composites Manufacturing (ACM4): Fourth International Symposium. Lancaster, PA ,USA: DEStech Publications Inc


    The present contribution gives an overview of the recent efforts developed at Bristol Composite Institute (ACCIS) towards building a finite element modelling framework for AFP processes. Inputs include both fundamental understanding of the material behaviour and efficient numerical tools for implementation at large component scale modelling. The requirements for a numerical model for AFP are explored, limitations of the current state-of-art modelling techniques are assessed and a roadmap towards fully predictive and efficient simulation tools is proposed.

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