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Publication - Professor Stephen Hallett

    Coupon scale Z-pinned IM7/8552 delamination tests under dynamic loading


    Cui, H, Mahadik, Y, Hallett, SR, Partridge, IK, Allegri, G, Ponnusamic, SA & Petrinic, N, 2019, ‘Coupon scale Z-pinned IM7/8552 delamination tests under dynamic loading’. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, vol 125.


    Dynamic impact onto laminated composite structures can lead to large-scale delamination. This can be mitigated by the introduction of through-thickness reinforcement, such as z-pins. Here, mode I & II and mixed-mode delamination tests have been designed and conducted at high loading rate, for both unpinned and Z-pinned coupons to study the effect of rate of loading. It was found that the Z-pins were not effective in delaying the dynamic crack initiation or resisting the dynamic propagation of delaminations shorter than 5 mm. However, the further growth of cracks was substantially delayed by Z-pinning, especially for the pure mode I and mode I dominated failure modes. On the other hand, the effectiveness of Z-pins in shear tests was relatively modest. The mode I dominated delamination resistance of Z-pinned laminates was found to be sensitive to the loading rate.

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