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Publication - Professor Siyuan Yu

    SiN x –Si interlayer coupler using a gradient index metamaterial


    Xu, P, Zhang, Y, Zhang, S, Chen, Y & Yu, S, 2019, ‘SiN x –Si interlayer coupler using a gradient index metamaterial’. Optics Letters, vol 44., pp. 1230-1233


    In this work, we demonstrate a metamaterial (MM)-based SiN
    –Si interlayer coupler. A gradient index (GRIN) MM was employed to achieve refractive index matching, balancing the large difference in the refractive index between Si (∼3.42) and SiN
    (∼2). In addition, a two-layer SiN
    interlayer coupler was proposed to further minimize the coupling loss and interlayer crosstalk. Finally, we demonstrated a three-dimensional (3D) SiN
    –Si interlayer coupler with the −0.6 dB insertion loss per layer propagation, with the 40 nm 1-dB-bandwidth (1530–1570 nm) and <−45 dB interlayer crosstalk. These promising results demonstrate the great potential of a GRIN MM-based SiN
    –Si interlayer coupler in 3D photonic integration.

    Full details in the University publications repository