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Dr Sanjay Rawat

Dr Sanjay Rawat

Dr Sanjay Rawat
MSc, MPhil, PhD


Office 3.16
Merchant Venturers Building,
Woodland Road, Clifton BS8 1UB
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  • Static & Dynamic Security Program Analysis
  • Intelligent fuzzing using evolutionary algorithms
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Intrusion detection/prevention systems
  • Machine learning and data mining in security
  • Autonomic security and artificial immune system


Hi... I am a computer science researcher, working in the field of information security. My research journey began during my M.Phil. course when I started studying Cryptography. At some 'carrefour', the journey took a turn in the direction of network security... And I started working on intrusion detection systems which became the subject of my PhD thesis. The journey continued in the same direction until I reached another 'carrefour' to take a turn in the direction of "program analysis and security of software". Now I am focusing on static/dynamic security program analysis of binary (executable) code and smart fuzzing.

Before joining Bristol Cyber Security Group at UoB, I worked at VUSec, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam- an awesome group led by Prof. Herbert Bos. I did some of the most interesting work in that group. Before that I was lucky to have worked at IIIT, Hyderabad, India (as faculty member), Verimag/LIG, Grenoble, France (as postdoc where I really started looking into program analysis for security with Prof. Laurent Mounier, Marie-Laure Potet and Roland Groz) and at Trento University, Italy. In between, I spent several years in industry as a researcher.


I may be teaching some core security course at the University of Bristol in the coming semester. My past teaching activities include:

  • Secure Programming (Vrije Universiteit, UG course, fall 2016, 2017).
  • System and Network Security (IIIT, UG/PG course, Winter 2015).
  • Computer Systems and Organization/architecture (IIIT, UG course, Winter 2015).
  • Research in Information Security (IIIT, UG/PG course, monsoon 2014).
  • Advanced Computer Networks (IIIT, UG/PG course, monsoon 2014).
  • Computer Systems and Organization (IIIT, UG course, winter 2014).
  • Principles of Information Security (VNR VJIET, MTech course, monsoon 2013).
  • Compilers- Code Optimization and Code Generation (Master course on Program-
  • ming Languages and Compilers, MOSIG, University of Grenoble, France)2012.
  • Cryptography and Number Theory (M.Phil course, 1999-2000, with Prof. S. Lal).
  • Network Security: Firewalls and Intrusion Detection (IDRBT, 2002 -2004)
  • Networking lab (M.Tech, IDRBT, 2001-2002)




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