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Dr Sam Williamson



I currently teach two undergraduate units: Electrical Systems Engineering (EENG17300) and the Electro-Mechanical Systems Design Project (EENG20001). Electrical Systems Engineering provides students the basic building blocks for electrical systems, including transformers, three-phase systems, electrical machines, power electronics and control, supported by AC values and power theory. Students learn through a series of lectures, demonstrations and simulations how these systems operate and how to model them. In the Electro-Mechanical Systems Design Project, students are required to design, simulate, build and test a solar water pump. Through a series of taught content, including invited lectures from practitioners and experts, and practical sessions they develop the skills to investigate the field of solar water pumps, and demonstrate core experimental and research skills. I also provide guest lectures on Engineering for International Development and Environmental Policy and Social Justice, in the areas of energy access, poverty and justice.

I was nominated (2017) and shortlisted (2018) for the Bristol Teaching Awards.


Dr Williamson currently teaches 2 courses: