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Publication - Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan

    Equality Requirements for Software Systems

    A Survey


    Al Hinai, MA & Chitchyan, R, 2019, ‘Equality Requirements for Software Systems: A Survey’. in: Annika Wolff (eds) Proceedings of the ICT4S 2019 Conference. CEUR Workshop Proceedings


    In order to support social sustainability through software systems, we must learn to engineer requirements that foster sustainability conditions within a society. Yet, the notion of social sustainability is very complex, encompassing equality, trust, cultural and religious diversity support, community participation and more. In this paper we present results of a survey-based study on the notion of equality within a range of software users. Do diverse users converge to some common views on equality? Does the diversity of users itself influence these perceptions. And can we formulate requirements statements for these perceptions? We explore these questions through analysis of data from 155 (relatively well educated, English speaking, and technologically literate) survey respondents.

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