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Dr Roisin McNaney

I have an interest in new and emerging technologies (VR, AR, Voice assisted technology, IoT devices) and how they can be used to support self-monitoring and management in people with long term health conditions (e.g. Parkinson's, dementia, mental health, COPD, stroke). I am also interested in how these technologies can support people within caring roles, or within care settings (e.g. assisted living).  

I have a clinical background as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT), and so am always interested in projects exploring how digital technology can support SLT practice. 

My current active projects are exploring:

  • The detection of mental health behaviours relating to self-harm, and binge eating and bulimia using mobile phone interactions
  • The Co-Design of mobile applications to support clinical training of SLTs in Ghana
  • The role of Alexa to support people with Parkinson's in improving speech clarity
  • The use of the SPHERE platform (home based sensing) in detecting symptoms of Parkinson's
  • Data supported decision making in COPD care (PhD supervision of Helena Tendedez, Lancaster Uni)
  • The Co-Design of VR experiences with people transitioning into assisted living facilities 


I am currently accepting PhD students