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Publication - Dr Roisin McNaney

    Designing video stories around the lived experience of severe mental illness


    McNaney, R, 2018, ‘Designing video stories around the lived experience of severe mental illness’., pp. 25-38


    Caregivers of people experiencing severe mental illness (SMI) report a multitude of psychosocial impacts, including feelings of loneliness and isolation, distress, societal stigma and prejudice around mental health. We describe the design of a series of video stories, performed by actors, which were based on the lived experiences of caregivers and people with SMI. We conducted a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with 11 participants, which formed the basis for the video content. We then worked alongside two caregivers (as advisors), at each stage of the production process, to develop a set of 45 video stories, using personas in our process. Through a discussion of our creative process, we offer a set of considerations for future researchers wishing to develop relatable and empathic digital content for online information provision and support tools. In addition, we offer a set of reflections around the complex ethical challenges underpinning this design space.

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