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Publication - Dr Rhodri Bevan

    Sensitivity Images for Multi-View Ultrasonic Array Inspection


    Budyn, N, Bevan, R, Croxford, A, Zhang, J, Wilcox, P, Kashubin, A & Cawley, P, 2018, ‘Sensitivity Images for Multi-View Ultrasonic Array Inspection’. in: 44th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation. American Institute of Physics (AIP)


    The multi-view total focusing method (TFM) is an imaging technique for ultrasonic full matrix array data that typically exploits ray paths with zero, one or two internal reflections in the inspected object and for all combinations of longitudinal and transverse modes. The fusion of this vast quantity of views is expected to increase the reliability of ultrasonic inspection; however, it is not trivial to determine which views and which areas are the most suited for the detection of a given type and orientation of defect. This work introduces sensitivity images that give the expected response of a defect in any part of the inspected object and for any view. These images are based on a raybased analytical forward model. They can be used to determine which views and which areas lead to the highest probability of detection of the defect. They can also be used for quantitatively analyzing the effects of the parameters of the inspection (probe angle and position, for example) on the overall probability of detection. Finally, they can be used to rescale TFM images so that the different views have comparable amplitudes. This methodology is applied to experimental data and discussed.

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