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Miss Reham Almesaeed

3D channel modelling

Precoding for MIMO OFDMA 4G systems The degree to w hich MIMO can enhance system performance depends on many factors, such as the propagation environment, the mitigation of inter and intra-cell interference, and the type of antennas used at the basestation and mobile terminal. Long Term Evolution (LTE) of 3G is the next major step in mobile radio communications and w ill adopt MIMO-OFDMA in order to cope w ith increased data rate demands and improved Quality of Service requirements. Precoding MU MIMO and scheduling techniques that exploit the spatial multi-user diversity and spatial capacity multiplexing gain w ill be considered. Interference suppression and Base Station Cooperation w ill also be examined.


Research keywords

  • 1. 3D channel modelling 2. WiFi
  • White Fi PHY system 3. LTE-A systems