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Dr Rainer Groh


Rainer Groh is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and currently a Research Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (2018-2023). After graduating with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath in 2011, Rainer completed his PhD at the Centre for Doctoral Training of the Bristol Composites Institute in 2015. While the research of his PhD thesis focused on modelling 3D stress fields in highly heterogenous and variable-stiffness composite laminates, his current research lies in the stability and bifurcation analysis of thin-walled engineering structures. Specifically, his work couples nonlinear finite element methods with numerical continuation algorithms to uncover and understand the oftentimes complex branching behaviour of optimised thin-walled structures. One particular example is the formation and growth of localised post-buckling patterns in the axially compressed cylinder. A current research project is also attempting to replicate the versatility of established numerical tools available for analysing nonlinear structures—such as path-following, branch switching and limit-point traversal—in an experimental setting.