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Publication - Professor Patrick Godfrey

    Architecting complex systems in new domains and problems

    Making sense of complexity and managing its unintended consequences


    Godfrey, P, 2013, ‘Architecting complex systems in new domains and problems: Making sense of complexity and managing its unintended consequences’. in: Complex Systems Design and Management - Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Complex Systems Design and Management, CSD and M 2012. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 41-51


    Complex problems usually span many technical domains. Formalised methods have been developed and reported to address defence, aerospace and ICT issues. Architecting approaches for other domains and problems such as for infrastructure do not yet exist. Design methods need to be developed to address these complex problems. This paper reports on an ongoing programme of teaching and Learning Together that is developing an approach for the creation of systems architectures. The paper reflects on the work of some 300 Research Engineers and students who have been engaged in designing complex sustainable systems. It characterises formative principles for architecting frameworks and indicates ways in which they can be used to deliver emergent properties and manage unintended consequences.

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