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Professor Nathan Lepora


I am a Professor of Robotics & AI in the Department of Engineering Mathematics and Bristol Robotics Laboratory at the University of Bristol.

I lead and am Principal Investigator for the Tactile Robotics Group, currently 18 members. Our research aims are to artificially reproduce human-like dexterity in robots, building on advances in fabricating soft tactile robotic hands and modern advances in AI such as deep learning. My group is supported by a Research Leadership Award from the Leverhulme Trust. 

I also work as a commissioned author. My most recent book DKFindout! Robots was published by Dorling-Kindersley (Penguin House) in 2018.

Previously, I worked in Computational Neuroscience and Biomimetic Robotics as a Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. My original training was as a Mathematician and Physicist at King's College, University of Cambridge.