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Professor Nathan Lepora


I am a Reader (Associate Professor) in Robotics in the Dept of Engineering Maths at the University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory

I lead and am a Principal Investigator for the Tactile Robotics Research Theme at Bristol Robotics Laboratory. I am deputy lead of the Robotics Research Group in the Faculty of Engineering.

I have previously been a Research Fellow in the Adaptive Behaviour Research Group and Sheffield Robotics at the University of Sheffield. I trained originally in Applied Mathematics, with a BA, MMath (Part III), PhD and JRF from Cambridge University.

I also work as a commissioned author, mainly in science education and popular science (ages 8-16).

My research interests span robotics, neuroscience and biomimetics. My principal focus is robot and animal perception. In robotics, I specialize in tactile perception and manipulation with robot arms and hands. In neuroscience, I specialize in models of perceptual decision making based on statistical optimality. Biomimetics links these research areas: robots can test models of biological perception and robot perception can use principles from biology.