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Mr Miquel Perello Nieto


I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and a Research Associate at the University of Bristol, UK.

I received a double MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence from a consortium between Technical University of CataloniaBarcelona University and Rovira i Virgil University and MSc degree on Machine Learning and Data Mining from Aalto University School of Science . I previously received a BSc degree in Technical Engineering in Computer Science from the Technical University of Catalonia in 2011.

I have been previously a Research Assistant in the REFRAME project employed by the University of Bristol and Université de Strasbourg under the supervision of Prof. Peter Flach and Dr. Nicolas Lachiche.

I also have been a Research Assistant within the Deep Learning and Bayesian Modeling research group in the department of Computer Science led jointly by Prof. Juha Karhunen and Assistant Prof. Tapani Raiko.