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Professor Mike Yearworth

Systemic problem structuring in engineering organisations

Mike’s research is focused on the development and application of systems approaches for working with complex socio-technical problems. Specific research areas:

  • System Dynamics Modelling: developing Causal Loop Diagrams (CLDs) and System Dynamics Models through group model building with stakeholders 
  • Agent Based Modelling: exploring emergence in complex systems
  • Grounded Systems Modelling: integrating qualitative data analysis methods with systems modelling
  • Developing Problem Structuring Methods (PSMs) for systems practice in engineering

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Research keywords

  • complex socio-technical problems
  • problem structuring methods (PSMs)
  • systems modelling
  • methodology
  • systems practice in engineering
  • system dynamics
  • causal loop diagramming (CLD)
  • hierarchical process modelling (HPM)
  • research methods
  • group model building
  • grounded systems modelling
  • strategy