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Professor Michael Wisnom

Prof. Wisnom is Director of Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS). His interests are mainly concerned with failure of composites and the application of finite element analysis to understand and predict the behaviour of materials and structures under load:

Failure mechanisms in composites

Fibre direction and transverse tension, compression, shear, delamination, bending. Test methods. Notched strength. Size effects. Fatigue. Modelling of failure mechanisms. Micromechanics. High performance ductile composites.

Finite element analysis

Modelling techniques. Non-linear analysis. Progressive damage modelling. Buckling. Strain energy release rate analysis. Residual stresses and distortions

Predicting behaviour

Failure criteria. Use of fracture mechanics. Statistical methods. Fatigue crack propagation. Influence of defects. Simulating manufacturing processes.

Postgraduate research student supervisor in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science (ACCIS CDT)

Research keywords

  • failure of composites
  • composites
  • finite element analysis
  • failure mechanisms
  • fatigue
  • failure mechanisms
  • progressive damage modelling
  • failure criteria