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Publication - Mr Michael Baddeley


    Adaptive Software Defined Scheduling of Low Power Wireless Networks


    Baddeley, M, Stanoev, A, Raza, U, Jin, Y & Sooriyabandara, M, 2019, ‘Competition: Adaptive Software Defined Scheduling of Low Power Wireless Networks’.


    We address the considerable and varied challenges of the EWSN 2019 dependability competition through a software-defined approach to synchronous flooding, whereby a flexible synchronous flooding architecture can instantiate, tailor, and schedule multiple different protocols based on information gathered in an initial configuration phase. In this manner, a single framework can adapt protocol behaviour by building high-level logic on top of lower layer synchronous flooding primitives, in order to meet specific requirements arising from the periodic and aperiodic nature of transmissions from multiple data sources. The adaptability afforded by this approach allows an optimal synchronous flooding protocol solution to be configured and run whatever the application requirements.

    Full details in the University publications repository