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Mr Martin Ould


Martin graduated from the Univesity of Bath in 1990 as a Mechanical Engineer and returned to work in the aerospace industry as an engineering designer with Rolls-Royce plc.  His first five years were spent working on dynamic and static hot-end components for gas turbine applications.  He worked on blades, disks, casings and exhaust components predominantly for military aircraft.  His career then moved into business management and he moved across the organisation, eventually heading the Marine sector's strategic planning function.  His core skills of business management and technical appreciation helped him take ownership of the product strategy process for this part of the business.

Following his 22-year career at Rolls-Royce, Martin moved around the engineering consultancy sector, mainly in business development and corporate strategy roles until he decided to return to higher education when he accepted a position at the University of Bath in 2013.  He was responsible for the leadership of two business-focused units on the Mechanical Engineering programme and supported engineering design and manufacturing courses as required.

In 2017, Martin joined the Faculty of Engineering to lead and develop the mandatory undergraduate teaching of professional practice skills across the Faculty.  He has relished the opportunities and challenges of teaching over 570 students in one academic year.



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