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Publication - Dr Martin Homer

    Frequency-domain trade-offs for dielectric elastomer generators


    Zanini, PRDO, Rossiter, J & Homer, M, 2017, ‘Frequency-domain trade-offs for dielectric elastomer generators’. in: Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) 2017. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)


    Dielectric Elastomer Generators (DEGs) are an emerging energy harvesting technology based on a the cyclic stretching of a rubber-like membrane. However, most design processes do not take into account different excitation frequencies; thus limits the applicability studies since in real-world situations forcing frequency is not often constant. Through the use of a practical design scenario we use modeling and simulation to determine the material frequency response and, hence, carefully investigate the excitation frequencies that maximize the performance (power output, efficiency) of DEGs and the factors that influence it.

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