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Publication - Professor Mark Thompson

    Continuous-relief diffractive microlenses for laser beam focusing


    Day, M, Choonee, K, Cox, D, Thompson, M, Marshall, G & Sinclair, AG, 2017, ‘Continuous-relief diffractive microlenses for laser beam focusing’. Optics Express, vol 25., pp. 26987-26999


    Microscale, continuous-profile, diffractive lenses have been fabricated and characterized. Lenses designed to operate at λ0 = 405 nm were created by focused ion beam milling of a glass substrate. The micro-structured profile was analysed by confocal microscopy and optical performance was quantified by measurements of the transmitted laser beam profile. Lenses of size 125 µm × 125 µm, containing up to 18 annuli and focusing at 400 µm, 450 µm and 500 µm have been made. Measured focused beams were in excellent agreement with the predicted performance. A maximum di raction e ciency of 84 % and side-lobe suppression down to the 10−4 level can be achieved. The suitability of the lenses for interfacing with trapped-ion systems is outlined.

    Full details in the University publications repository