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Publication - Dr Marco Longana

    Post-impact behaviour of pseudo-ductile thin-ply angle-ply hybrid composites


    Prato, A, Longana, M, Hussain, A & Wisnom, M, 2019, ‘Post-impact behaviour of pseudo-ductile thin-ply angle-ply hybrid composites’. Materials, vol 12.


    This work experimentally explores the post-impact behaviour of thin-ply angle-ply pseudo-ductile carbon fibre laminates subjected to tensile load. Indentation and low-speed impact tests were performed on standard tensile test specimens. Non-destructive tests were used to investigate the damage propagation. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) was adopted to detect the strain distribution during tensile tests. Post-damage pseudo-ductile behaviour was retained in angle-ply hybrid composites subjected to tensile loading conditions.

    Full details in the University publications repository