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Publication - Professor Lucy Berthoud

    Beagle 2: A proposed ExoBiology lander for ESA's 2003 Mars Express mission


    Sims, M, Pillinger, C, Wright, I, Cole, R, Whitehead, S, Wells, A, Wittmann, K, Richter, L, Kochan, H, Hamacher, H, Johnstone, A, Rees, K, Turner, R, Peskett, S, Brack, A, Hobbs, J, Berthoud, L, Durrant, R, Higgins, J, Turner, R, Windsor, J, Keller, H, Rosenbauer, H, Thomas, N, Lingard, J, Underwood, J & Neukum, G, 1998, ‘Beagle 2: A proposed ExoBiology lander for ESA's 2003 Mars Express mission’. in: RB Hoover (eds) INSTRUMENTS, METHODS, AND MISSIONS FOR ASTROBIOLOGY. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), BELLINGHAM, pp. 15-29


    The proposed Beagle 2 lander for ESA's 2003 Mars Express mission will be described. The aim of Beagle 2 will be to search for organic material on and below the surface of Mars in addition to a study of the inorganic chemistry and mineralogy of the landing site. The lander will utilise a small rover equipped with a mechanical mole and grinder to obtain samples from below the surface, under rocks, and inside rocks. Samples will be returned to the lander for analysis. Analysis performed by Beagle 2 will include examination of samples with a optical microscope and APX and Mossbauer Spectrometers as well as a search for organics and a measurement of their isotopic composition. The lander systems design as well as the experiment configuration will be described.

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