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Publication - Professor Lucy Berthoud

    Using MBSE Techniques to Perform Early Validation on the Data Handling Unit of a Spacecraft


    Gregory, J, Berthoud, L & Tryfonas, T, 2018, ‘Using MBSE Techniques to Perform Early Validation on the Data Handling Unit of a Spacecraft’.


    Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) represents a move away from the traditional approach of Document-Based Systems Engineering (DBSE), and can be used to promote consistency, communication, clarity and maintainability within systems engineering projects.

    Spacecraft represent an ideal candidate for the application of MBSE as they are complex systems with potential applications that are often limited by high development costs. MBSE offers approaches that can address issues associated with cost, complexity and safety. One way this can be achieved is by performing early functional validation of the high-level system.
    This session presents an approach to the application of MBSE to perform early functional validation of a data handling unit onboard a low-Earth orbit, Earth-observation spacecraft. The approach uses No Magic’s Cameo Systems Modeler (CSM) tool to link the requirements and the physical and functional architectures. Executable state machine and activity diagrams are used to step through the mission and validate the functional design. This study is part of a larger effort to streamline MBSE processes within Airbus Defence and Space; therefore the methodology has been aligned with ongoing MBSE projects such as e.Deorbit.

    Full details in the University publications repository