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Publication - Dr Liz Holcombe

    Geodatabases to improve geotechnical design and modelling


    Vardanega, P, Crispin, J, Gilder, C, Voyagaki, E, Shepheard, C & Holcombe, EA, 2018, ‘Geodatabases to improve geotechnical design and modelling’. in: XVI DECGE 2018 Proceedings of the 16th Danube ‐ European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering. Ernst & Sohn Verlag, pp. 401-406


    Geotechnical designers and modellers must capture and quantify the variability of key soil properties to make engineering decisions. There is a long history in geotechnical engineering of assembling large databases of past soil tests. This paper shows the use of geotechnical databases in two contexts: (a) slope stability modelling in the Eastern Caribbean and (b) settlement response of bored piles in London clay.

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