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Ms Lina Stein

Ms Lina Stein

Ms Lina Stein

Senate House,
Tyndall Avenue, Clifton BS8 1TH
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Department of Civil Engineering

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  • Blöschl, G, Bierkens, MF, Chambel, A, Cudennec, C, Destouni, G, Fiori, A, Kirchner, JW, McDonnell, JJ, Savenije, HH, Sivapalan, M, Stumpp, C, Toth, E, Volpi, E, Carr, G, Lupton, C, Salinas, J, Széles, B, Viglione, A, Aksoy, H, Allen, ST, Amin, A, Andréassian, V, Arheimer, B, Aryal, SK, Baker, V, Bardsley, E, Barendrecht, MH, Bartosova, A, Batelaan, O, Berghuijs, WR, Beven, K, Blume, T, Bogaard, T, Amorim, PBd, Böttcher, ME, Boulet, G, Breinl, K, Brilly, M, Brocca, L, Buytaert, W & others 2019, ‘Twenty-three unsolved problems in hydrology (UPH)–a community perspective’. Hydrological Sciences Journal, vol 64., pp. 1141-1158

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