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Publication - Dr Krishna Coimbatore Balram

    Elimination of Thermomechanical Noise in Piezoelectric Optomechanical Crystals


    Ramp, H, Hauer, BD, Balram, KC, Clark, TJ, Srinivasan, K & Davis, JP, 2019, ‘Elimination of Thermomechanical Noise in Piezoelectric Optomechanical Crystals’. Physical Review Letters, vol 123.


    Mechanical modes are a potentially useful resource for quantum information applications, such as quantum-level wavelength transducers, due to their ability to interact with electromagnetic radiation across the spectrum. A significant challenge for wavelength transducers is thermomechanical noise in the mechanical mode, which pollutes the transduced signal with thermal states. In this Letter, we eliminate thermomechanical noise in the GHz-frequency mechanical breathing mode of a piezoelectric optomechanical crystal using cryogenic cooling in a dilution refrigerator. We optically measure an average thermal occupancy of the mechanical mode of only 0.7 0.4 phonons, providing a path towards low-noise
    microwave-to-optical conversion in the quantum regime.

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