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Publication - Dr Krishna Coimbatore Balram

    Tuning and stabilization of optomechanical crystal cavities through NEMS integration


    Grutter, K, Davanco, M, Balram, KC & Srinivasan, K, 2018, ‘Tuning and stabilization of optomechanical crystal cavities through NEMS integration’. APL Photonics, vol 3.


    Nanobeam optomechanical crystals, in which localized GHz frequency mechanical modes are coupled to wavelength-scale optical modes, are being employed in a variety of experiments across different material platforms. Here, we demonstrate the electrostatic tuning and stabilization of such devices, by integrating a Si3N4 slot-mode optomechanical crystal cavity with a nanoelectromechanical systems element, which controls the displacement of an additional “tuning” beam within the optical near-field of the optomechanical cavity. Under DC operation, tuning of the optical cavity wavelength across several optical linewidths with little degradation of the optical quality factor (Q ≈ 10^5) is observed. The AC response of the tuning mechanism is measured, revealing actuator resonance frequencies in the 10 MHz–20 MHz range, consistent with the predictions from simulations. Feedback control of the optical mode resonance frequency is demonstrated, and alternative actuator geometries are presented.

    Full details in the University publications repository