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Publication - Dr Karen Aplin

    Miniaturized atmospheric ionization detector


    Aplin, K, Briggs, A, Baird, A, Hastings, P, Harrison, RG & Marlton, G, 2018, ‘Miniaturized atmospheric ionization detector’.


    A small scintillator-based detector for atmospheric ionization measurements has been developed, partly in response to a need for better ionization data in the weather-forming regions of the atmosphere and partly with the intention of producing a commercially available device. The device can measure both the count rate and energy of atmospheric ionizing radiation. Here we report results of a test flight over the UK in December 2017 where the detector was flown with two Geiger counters on a meteorological radiosonde. The count rate profile with height was consistent both with the Geigers and with previous work. The energy of incoming ionizing radiation increased substantially with altitude.

    Full details in the University publications repository