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Publication - Professor Judy Rorison

    Modeling spin relaxation in semiconductor quantum wells

    Modifying the Elliot process


    Vaughan, MP & Rorison, JM, 2018, ‘Modeling spin relaxation in semiconductor quantum wells: Modifying the Elliot process’. Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol 33.


    A model of the Elliot process for spin relaxation is developed that explicitly incorporates the Dresselhaus spin-splitting of the conduction band in semiconductors lacking an inversion symmetry. It is found that this model reduces to existing models in bulk if the scattering matrices are constructed from a superposition of eigenstates. It is shown that the amplitude for intra-sub-band spin relaxation disappears in quantum wells on the basis of existing models. However, an amplitude due to the Dresselhaus spin-splitting remains, becoming increasingly important as the well becomes narrower. It is also shown that this component does not disappear for scattering between spin states at the same wavevector. It is concluded that for quantum wells and lower dimensional semiconductors that this modified model should be used in analysis of the spin dynamics.

    Full details in the University publications repository