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Publication - Professor Ian Nabney

    An architecture for the autonomic curation of crowdsourced knowledge


    Patelli, A, Lewis, PR, Ekárt, A, Wang, H, Nabney, IT, Bennett, D, Lucas, R & Cole, A, 2017, ‘An architecture for the autonomic curation of crowdsourced knowledge’. Cluster Computing, vol in press.


    Human knowledge curators are intrinsically better than their digital counterparts at providing relevant answers to queries. That is mainly due to the fact that an experienced biological brain will account for relevant community expertise as well as exploit the underlying connections between knowledge pieces when offering suggestions pertinent to a specific question, whereas most automated database managers will not. We address this problem by proposing an architecture for the autonomic curation of crowdsourced knowledge, that is underpinned by semantic technologies. The architecture is instantiated in the career data domain, thus yielding Aviator, a collaborative platform capable of producing complete, intuitive and relevant answers to career related queries, in a time effective manner. In addition to providing numeric and use case based evidence to support these research claims, this extended work also contains a detailed architectural analysis of Aviator to outline its suitability for automatically curating knowledge to a high standard of quality.

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