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Publication - Dr Helmut Hauser

    Exploiting short-term memory in soft body dynamics as a computational resource


    Nakajima, K, Li, T, Hauser, H & Pfeifer, R, 2014, ‘Exploiting short-term memory in soft body dynamics as a computational resource’. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.


    Soft materials are not only highly deformable but they also possess rich and diverse body dynamics. Soft body dynamics exhibit a variety of properties, including nonlinearity, elasticity, and potentially infinitely many degrees of freedom. Here we demonstrate that such soft body dynamics can be employed to conduct certain types of computation. Using body dynamics generated from a soft silicone arm, we show that they can be exploited to emulate functions that require memory and to embed robust closed-loop control into the arm. Our results suggest that soft body dynamics have a short-term memory and can serve as a computational resource. This finding paves the way toward exploiting passive body dynamics for control of a large class of underactuated systems.

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