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Publication - Dr Helmut Hauser

    Morphological Computation

    The Body as a Computational Resource


    Hauser, H, Füchslin, RM & Nakajima, K, 2014, ‘Morphological Computation: The Body as a Computational Resource’. in: Helmut Hauser, Rudolf M Füchslin, Rolf Pfeifer (eds) Opinions and Outlooks on Morphological Computation. self-published, pp. 226-244


    Recently, two theoretical models for morphological computation have been proposed [13,14]. Based on a rigorous mathematical framework and simula- tions it has been demonstrated that compliant, complex physical bodies can be ef- fectively employed as computational resources. Even more recent work showed that these models are not only of theoretical nature, but are also applicable to a number of different soft robotic platforms. Motivated by these encouraging results we dis- cuss a number of remarkable implications when real physical bodies are employed as computational resources.

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