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Photonics research group

Optical fibre communications forms the backbone of all land based communications and as the bandwidth increases we require faster devices, switches and new systems concepts. Meanwhile climate change is driving renewable energy research towards solar power and low power lighting. The Photonics group located in Electrical Engineering is pursuing world leading research topics leading to cheaper, faster information and communication technologies, inexpensive sensors to revolutionise healthcare and new methods of harvesting renewable energy.

Incorporated in the group is the Centre for Quantum Photonics (CQP) which spans Physics and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Here is a world-leading experimental group in quantum information and quantum communications developing future quantum technologies and exploring fundamental science using photons. 

The group is linked to Bristol's Electronic and Photonic Materials research theme and the Interface Analysis Centre.

The Photonics group some 45 active researchers including 8 academic members of staff and 12 RA's with around 25 PhD students supported by a multi-million pound grant income. The research is funded by EPSRC, EU and industry collaborations including Nokia, QinetiQ, Hewlett Packerd, Kodak, Agilent Technologies, TRL, and Oclaro. Bristol is coordinator of EU framework 7 programmes IOLOS, QUANTIP and SPANGL4Q and ERANET project SSQN. The group leaders (Prof’s Rarity and O’Brien) hold prestigious ERC individual grants.

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