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Microelectronics research group

The Bristol Microelectronics Research Group is a team of world-leading academic experts in computer architecture, design verification, fault tolerance, reconfigurable technologies and high performance computing.

The group brings together researchers from a range of academic disciplines in order to address its primary research theme of "Energy Aware COmputing" (EACO), with expertise across the entire system stack, from transistors up to software applications.

The Bristol Microelectronics Group is the best place to perform collaborative research with the semiconductor industry outside of Silicon Valley.

The Micro group has an impressive set of active industrial collaborators, including ARM, Imagination Technology, Global Foundaries, Infineon, Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, NVIDIA, AMD, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and the Numerical Algorithms Group. The group has previously spun out a successful semiconductor start-up, XMOS, developing a new generation of high performance, low-power, parallel computer architectures targeting the low-cost consumer electronics market.

The Bristol Microelectronics Group is advantageously located at the epicentre of the largest cluster of Microelectronics industry in Europe, with over 100 related companies in and around the area employing over 5,000 scientists and engineers, representing the richest microelectronics ecosystem outside of Silicon Valley. The group has intimate ties with many of these companies, with some of our staff and students having worked at, or in some cases even founded, a number of these local design centres. The group's industrial collaborations range from contract research to joint grant proposals and student projects. We also have a number of research students sponsored by industry, via Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and iCASE schemes.

The group's funding comes primarily from EPSRC and European FP7 projects as well as from industrial collaboration.

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