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Applied Nonlinear Mathematics

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ANM research group

The Applied Nonlinear Mathematics group explores the relationship between application areas and four real-world challenges tackled using a combination of key mathematical technologies.

Real world challenges:

  • Modelling the neurophysiology of the human brain - the key challenge is the spatiotemporal modelling of macroscopic electrical activity in the brain (one specific focus will be epilepsy, which causes more than 2000 deaths annually in the UK)
  • Physiology of oscillation in biomechanics - Biomechanical systems frequently perform far better than any man-made device. The challenge is to understand how this is possible. We will concentrate on the mechanics of hearing and the mechanics of pedestrian locomotion, which both involve (self)sustained periodic, impacting (piecewise-smooth) motion of an assembly of nonlinearly elastic components with spatial extent
  • Hybrid testing of engineering systems - offers the opportunity to test a full-scale individual component (e.g. an aircraft engine or a bridge cable) as if it were part of the entire engineering structure.
  • Mechanical transmission systems - the performance of many engineering systems depends crucially on an efficient mechanical transmission of energy.

Mathematical technologies are applied to:

  • Piecewise smooth systems
  • Systems with delay
  • Spatially extended systems
  • Robustness

The ANM group primarily looks at the interface between mathematics and real-world applications.

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