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Publication - Dr Erdin Ibraim

    Comparison of Prediction Models for the Permeability of Granular Materials Using a Database


    Feng, S, Vardanega, P & Ibraim, E, 2019, ‘Comparison of Prediction Models for the Permeability of Granular Materials Using a Database’. in: Sayed Hemeda, Mounir Bouassida (eds) Contemporary Issues in Soil Mechanics: Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures, Egypt 2018 – The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE). Springer, Cham, pp. 1-13


    The hydraulic conductivity characteristics of the materials which comprise pavement structures are linked to in service performance. This paper briefly reviews a series of well-known models to predict hydraulic conductivity. An approach which makes use of the grading entropy coordinates is also studied. The database includes information on the gradation, hydraulic conductivity and porosity characteristics for over 150 gravel mixtures. Comparison of the studied models reveals that the ‘Kozeny-Carman’ model gives the best predictions when considering the entire database. The results of the regression analysis reveal that for granular mixtures comprising greater than 50% sand, the ‘Shepherd’ or ‘Hazen’ approaches may be preferred. However, for mixtures comprising less than with 50% sand, the ‘KozenyCarman’ and ‘grading entropy’ approaches are preferred.

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