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Publication - Dr Erdin Ibraim

    Permeability assessment of some granular mixtures


    Feng, S, Vardanega, P, Ibraim, E, Widyatmoko, I & Ojum, C, 2019, ‘Permeability assessment of some granular mixtures’. Géotechnique, vol 69., pp. 646?654


    This note presents some constant-head permeability test results on 30 granular mixtures. These data are then interpreted using the grading entropy approach, as well as the ‘Hazen’, ‘Shepherd’, ‘Kozeny-Carman’, and ‘Chapuis’ models. The predictive power of each of the five methods is compared. A correlation between the normalised grading entropy coordinates and the coefficient of permeability is presented. Permeability zones on the normalised entropy diagram are identified.

    Full details in the University publications repository