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Publication - Mr Ercan Ezin

    'Fitness that Fits': - A Prototype Model for Workout Video Recommendation


    Ezin, E, Kim, E & Carrascosa, IP, 2018, ‘'Fitness that Fits': - A Prototype Model for Workout Video Recommendation’. in: 12th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (ACM-Recsys'18): International Workshop on Health Recommender Systems.


    Personalization services enable Internet users to benefit from tailored
    recommended content at their finger tips. Our interest in
    this contribution lies in video recommendation within the fitness
    domain to support an active lifestyle. We present ’Fitness that Fits’,
    a preliminary platform for workout video recommendation, which
    benefits from the Youtube-8M labeled dataset and its rich variety
    of categorized video labels, thereby enabling fitness workout video
    recommendations predicated on the users’ preferences and their
    recent viewing behavior. The proposed model also incorporates an
    approach to produce diversified recommendations and foster the
    practice of distinct fitness activities based on like-minded users’
    information. An initial experimental study shows the trade-offs of
    the hybrid approach considered.

    Full details in the University publications repository