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Publication - Professor David Bull

    The Visibility of Motion Artifacts and their Effect on Motion Quality


    Mackin, A, Noland, K & Bull, D, 2017, ‘The Visibility of Motion Artifacts and their Effect on Motion Quality’. in: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Image Process (ICIP 2016): Proceedings of a meeting held 25-29 September 2016, Phoenix, AZ, USA. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), pp. 2435-2439


    The visibility of motion artifacts in a video sequence e.g. motion blur and temporal aliasing, affects perceived motion quality. The frame rate required to render these motion artifacts imperceptible is far higher than is currently feasible or specified in current video formats. This paper investigates the perception of temporal aliasing and its associated artifacts below this frame rate, along with their influence on motion quality, with the aim of making suitable frame rate recommendations for future formats. Results show impairment in motion quality due to temporal aliasing can be tolerated to a degree, and that it may be acceptable to sample at frame rates 50% lower than those needed to eliminate perceptible temporal aliasing.

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