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Professor Dave Cliff


Currently I teach on two masters-level units in the Department of Computer Science: each run for one 12-week semester and most year attract btwen 75-100 students. 

  • Internet Economics and Financial Technology. I have been Unit Director for this unit (previously known as Algorithmic and Economic Aspects of the Internet) on and off since 2007, and usually teach roughly 50% of it. To teach about automated trading in financial markets, we needed a simple stock exchange simulator for the students to play with, which led me to create The Bristol Stock Exchange which was released as open-source on GitHub in 2012.  
  • Cloud Computing: I first introduced cloud computing content to the UoB Computer Science curriculum when I joined the University in 2007. Since then the amount of cloud content grew, and in 2013 I designed and delivered this self-contained 10-credit-point masters unit; I have remained strongly involved in its design and delivery ever since, and remain the Unit Director (lecturer-in-charge). 


Professor Cliff currently teaches 2 courses: