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Publication - Dr Chrystel Remillat

    Hybrid auxetic foam and perforated plate composites for human body support


    Mohanraj, H, Ribeiro, SLMF, Panzera, THC, Scarpa, F, Farrow, IR, Jones, R, Davies-Smith, AM, Remillat, CDL, Walters, P & Peng, H-X, 2016, ‘Hybrid auxetic foam and perforated plate composites for human body support’. physica status solidi (b), vol 253., pp. 1378-1386


    The paper describes the design, manufacturing, modelling and testing of a hybrid composite support made from auxetic open cell foam liners and curved thermoplastic plates with rhomboidal perforations for human body support. Both the foam and the curved perforated plate have in-plane negative Poisson’s ratio behaviour. The static bending stiffness of the hybrid auxetic composite support is modelled using an analytical and Finite Element approach benchmarked against experimental results from three-point bending tests. The benchmarked Finite Element models are used to develop a map of optimized static stiffness versus the geometry of the rhomboidal perforations. A Design of Experiment testing campaign is also carried out on sixteen hybrid auxetic composite plates to understand the interaction and correlation of the static bending versus the geometry of the perforations and the contribution given by the auxetic foam liner.

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