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Publication - Dr Chrystel Remillat

    Progress towards adaptive aircraft engine nacelles


    Da Rocha-Schmidt, L, Hermanutz, A, Baier, H, Seitz, A, Bijewitz, J, Isikveren, AT, Scarpa, F, Allegri, G, Remillat, C, Feuilloley, E, Majic, F, O'Reilly, C & Efraimsson, G, 2014, ‘Progress towards adaptive aircraft engine nacelles’. in: 29th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, ICAS 2014. International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences


    Emissions and noise of aircraft engines have to be significantly further reduced and efficiency further increased in the future. One means is the improvement of airflow though the engine and especially so in its inlet region by proper shapes. Due to changes in the flight conditions, the optimal nacelle shape varies. It would thus be beneficial to be able to change the nacelle shape. Evaluations on system and engine levels including related flow simulations support the identification of proper shaping parameters. Initial concepts of possible morphing technologies are discussed as well.

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