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Publication - Dr Chrystel Remillat

    Transverse stiffness and strength of Kirigami zero-ν PEEK honeycombs


    Neville, RM, Monti, A, Hazra, K, Scarpa, F, Remillat, C & Farrow, IR, 2014, ‘Transverse stiffness and strength of Kirigami zero-ν PEEK honeycombs’. Composite Structures, vol 114., pp. 30-40


    This work describes the manufacture and characterisation of a PEEK-based zero Poisson's ratio honeycomb (SILICOMB) produced using Kirigami-inspired cutting and folding techniques. The flatwise compression and transverse shear properties of the structure are determined through ASTM mechanical testing, and the results compared against commercially available honeycombs, including several other zero Poisson's ratio cellular structures. An analytical model to predict the shear strength is compared to the results. SILICOMB specimens are found to have lower stiffness compared to other honeycomb configurations, but comparable strength. Factors influencing the results and variations to the manufacturing process are discussed.

    Full details in the University publications repository