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Dr Byung Chul Kim

Composite Design & Manufacturing, Automated Composites Manufacturing, Axiomatic Design, Computer Aided Design

My research interest is to develop innovative composite products and manufacturing processes with high industrial impact by means of Axiomatic Design. As examples, three of my previous works are shown below (Please click the hyperlinks to see the images). My current research mainly focuses on novel automated fibre placement technologies for manufacturing defect-free complex composite parts. One of my invention 'Continuous Tow Shearing' technology is known as the world-first fibre placement technology that can steer the fibre paths without causing fibre buckling defects in manufacturing complex composite components. I'm also interested in applying this design methodology to various fields such as automotive, defence, marine, and machinery in conjunction with my knowledge on composite materials.


Research keywords

  • Composite Design & Manufacturing Automated Composites Manufacturing Axiomatic Design Computer Aided Design