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Dr Bing Zhang


Dr Bing Zhang is currently a Senior Research Associate at Rolls-Royce Composites University Technology Centre (UTC) and Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS), both based at the University of Bristol. He completed his PhD (2011-2015) at the two centres with a full Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award, supported by Rolls-Royce plc through the Rolls-Royce Composites UTC. His PhD project investigated the Mechanical Performance and Self-Sensing of Through-Thickness Reinforced Composites. It for the first time validated the concept of the multi-functional through-thickness reinforcement for laminated structures. It proposed two structural health monitoring methods (patents) based on the through-thickness reinforcement, and also developed a novel 3D numerical modelling tool to characterise the delamination suppression mechanisms of through-thickness reinforced composites. He was granted two Rolls-Royce Inventor Awards accordingly.

He was a research engineer on sensor design in the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation for 15 months before joining ACCIS. He also holds BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Automation (2008) and MEng in Mechatronics (2010). 



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