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Publication - Mr Benny Chitambira

    An Overview of Massive MIMO Research at the University of Bristol


    Harris, P, Hasan, WB, Brice, H, Chitambira, B, Beach, M, Mellios, E, Nix, A, Armour, S & Doufexi, A, 2017, ‘An Overview of Massive MIMO Research at the University of Bristol’. in: Radio Propagation and Technologies for 5G (2016). Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)


    Massive Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) has shown great potential as a capacity enhancing technology for 5G wireless, but performance under mobility has been largely unexplored. Furthermore, it is under these circumstances that power control becomes critical to obtain acceptable performance. In this paper, we provide an overview of the first real-time massive MIMO mobility measurements conducted only weeks ago at Lund University, and present results for a spatial domain power control algorithm applied in one of these scenarios.

    Full details in the University publications repository