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Publication - Dr Aydin Nassehi

    Interoperability as a Key Enabler for Manufacturing in the Cloud


    Mourad, M, Nassehi, A & Schaefer, D, 2016, ‘Interoperability as a Key Enabler for Manufacturing in the Cloud’. Procedia CIRP, vol 52., pp. 30-34


    The emerging cloud paradigm has a prominent effect on manufacturing. The move from hardware bound systems to requirements based service provision is enabling the transition to cloud manufacturing. A networked manufacturing service provision system requires vast amounts of information to be exchanged in a non-ambiguous and timely manner to meet production requirements. In this paper, interoperability is identified as a key enabler for cloud manufacturing and a framework for realisation of interoperability across heterogeneous computer aided manufacturing systems is proposed. Using this framework, manufacturing resources can be shared by a large number of clients based on requirements and priorities.

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