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Mr Arjun Radhakrishnan

Local grading of composite architecture using Liquid Resin Printing

This research investigates the feasibility of using local grading of composite structures to improve structural performance and functionality of composites. The technique controls the composite morphology by the combination of high-precision liquid resin printing and consolidation programmes.

This localised deposition enables higher additive loading and decreases the manufacturing costs compared to bulk modification of polymer composites. This novel technique maps local composites properties hence enabling a design space which exhibits greater stiffness contrast, which leads to an improvement in the structural performance. Further, the functional properties can be tailored to local requirements by utilising a variety of additives like carbon nanotubes and core-shell rubber particles.

The project in short aims to formulate the design space for a novel closed-loop out-of-autoclave processing for multi-matrix multifunctional polymer composites.

Research keywords

  • Grading of polymer composites
  • Functional polymer composites
  • Additive manufacturing